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Gao Qiu sighed heavily. Helplessly: "This also is no good, that also is no good.". What are we going to do with her? Is it possible to let her pay our brother Lin? ?” Lin Wanrong rolled his eyes: What words? Anyone in that world who can bully me 。 He's still wagging his tail in his mother's stomach. Xie Gao elder brother care, "Lin Wanrong Hei Hei laughed a few times:" In fact, to deal with Yujia is also simple, nothing more than conspiracy, tit for tat. As the saying goes. Hooligans know martial arts, and no one can stop them, I said modestly. Talk of intrigue. I am a true ancestor, that girl thought she had my handle in her hand, but I had already found her loophole. Hey, hey! Seeing General Lin laughing like a signboard, Lao Gao and his wife shivered together. As the saying goes, the third brother knows martial arts. Hooligans can't stop it! Little Yuka is going to have bad luck. ! Gao Qiu suddenly lost his strength. 。 "What's wrong with her,silk olive tree, Brother Lin?" He asked eagerly. Lin Wanrong turned his back and walked a few steps. "What kind of position does Yujia have in the Turks?" He said slowly. I believe the two elder brothers are as curious as I am. Now, there is a great opportunity to see how much influence this mysterious crescent moon has among the barbarians! Brother Hu Do you still have the Turkic warrior Heli?! Hu Bugui said with a smile, "The crescent moon people.". He's still alive. It's the only one. Hurley, this fellow is captured by us. I haven't eaten or drunk for a few days. But still powerful, is really a brave man. Believe that the first warrior on the prairie is none other than him! The first warrior on the prairie?! Wonderful "Lin Wanrong smiled and clapped his hands.". "Don't spoil such a warrior,outdoor ficus tree," he said carelessly. "Let him escape when he's not paying attention." "Let him escape?!" Hu Bugui is at once urgent: "Call each army, how does this make? This Heli is no better than the average Turk. He is so powerful that one can defeat a hundred. Isn't letting him go the same as letting him go? How many soldiers will be buried in his hands in the future? ?!” Lin Wanrong patted him on the shoulder. Strange smile: "Hu eldest brother don't worry, escape is one thing, where can escape is another thing!"! That one Brother Gao. Contribute a little more of your treasured medicine- "" No, no. All used up! "Gao Qiu hurriedly covered his chest and cried out nervously."! Lin Wanrong looked at him up and down: "Is it really gone?"? That would be a shame. 。 I wanted to take this opportunity to take down one or two barbarian tribes. March into Yiwu, straight to the Turkic royal court-unfortunately. What a pity! Old Gao took out a few small tight paper bags from his bosom and said with a sad face, "Brother Lin, I don't have many good things. I'll use them frugally until the war is over.". I have to rely on it to communicate with the chivalrous women! This fellow never forgets that thing! Lin Wanrong waved his hand and laughed. : "Don't worry, Brother Gao. It won't take much this time. Just let Heli die outside the Ejina or Haerhelin tribes!" Poisoning only one person didn't require much medicinal materials, and Gao didn't panic at once: "Brother Lin.". Since you want to kill this man, large palm trees for sale ,fake blossom tree, how exciting it is to cut him with a knife. Why bother to waste my medicinal materials?! Lin Wanrong gritted his teeth and snorted, "If it's just killing people.". Do I still have to work so hard? I want this escapee, Herry, to deliver a letter for me. !” Have Helle deliver the message? Gao Qiu and Hu Bugui were stunned. 。 Why is this like the Arabian Nights. Hurley is that most powerful warrior on the prairie. How could he deliver a message for us?! Lin Wanrong smiled. Without giving any explanation, he said, "Brother Gao.". Can you do it if you want Helle to die on the periphery without seeing the barbarians?! "Of course I can." Gao's chest clapped loudly. Nod hurriedly: "My old Gao depends on this to have a meal!" "Good," Lin Wanrong nodded. There was a flash of fierce light in his eyes: "Brother Hu, when Helle runs away, you should chase him fiercely and shoot a few arrows at him. It's better to let him be seriously injured and the more embarrassed he is, the better!"! Counting the time When Heriye breathed his last, "he paused, smiled, and pointed to the machete in Lao Hu's hand and said slowly," Give him the golden knife again! " "What?!" Hu Bugui shouted at the same time.
His eyes almost popped out. "Give it to him?"? How can this work? ?!” Lin Wanrong said, "What's there to worry about if you give it to a dead Helle?"? Not only that 。 Brother Gao, you have to write a letter in blood in the name of Herry. The handwriting must be rough and the strokes must be blurred, so that people can see that it is written by Herry on his deathbed! This blood script is naturally Turkic, Lao Hu is a military general, calligraphy momentum strokes and Herry are not much different. It is appropriate for him to write it! Neither of them could figure out what he was up to. But seeing that Lin Wanrong's solemn expression did not seem to be a joke, he gave a hum. Ask: "What is written on the blood book?" Lin Wanrong stamped a few steps lightly and suddenly turned his head. He took a look at Yujia. The Turkic girl was sitting on the shaft of the chariot, frowning and meditating, and she seemed to feel Lin Wanrong's eyes. Gently raise your head. Smile charmingly at him. A hundred flowers turn pale! Lin Wanrong hurriedly lowered his head. Hey, "Just say it.". The warriors of the Ha tribe and the E tribe fought a bloody battle with the Chinese in one night, although the whole army was wiped out. But the big Chinese also suffered heavy losses, leaving only more than two thousand troops! Hu Bugui was suddenly enlightened and said, "General.". You're going to create the illusion that Hurley is taking the risk of breaking through and dying to deliver the message. Lure out the barbarians from these two tribes? Pretty good 。 Hurley is fierce and fierce. He was by no means an unknown man on the prairie, and it was reasonable for him to escape and deliver the letter. In addition, he was covered with scars and seemed to have escaped from a bloody battle and died on the outskirts of the tribe. This is even more realistic! This meter should be available !” "The barbarians are not incompetent, they only have these.". It's not safe! "Lin Wanrong shook his head and said," We need to give them a strong dose of medicine, so that they can't stop. They will be completely crazy! "What strong medicine?!" Gao Qiu and Hu Bugui looked at each other and asked together. Lin Wanrong's eyes sparkled and he held Hu Bugui's machete tightly in his hand. Hei Hei said,silk ficus tree, "This golden knife is a powerful medicine!"! Think of Herry the Prairie Eagle. Holding a golden knife and writing in blood, thousands of miles for help, heh heh. The excitement is here! Brother Hu To add one more word to the blood book -- What words?.
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