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EasyRoute CNC Wood Routering Machine, 4.5Kw Water-Cooling Spindle, Vacuum Cutting Table 2000x3000x200mm Working Area, Complete Set with Vacuum Pump and Dust Collector, 1+2+5 year Warranty and Service Plan New SKU:R-2030V/45 -> R159999
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We provide the product at our Workshop in Jet Park for you to use it yourself before you buy. DIY Workshop always open, please come.[color=#000000][size=4][font=Verdana]Wood work can be a painful and a tedious operation, if you don't have the right apparatus. Don't you agree?[/font][/size][/color]
[color=#000000][size=4][font=Verdana]You will be amazed by some of the enticing and awesome features that this CNC Wood Router boasts.[/font][/size][/color]
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  • [color=#000000][size=4][font=Verdana]It utilises the ER collet system which is known to be the most widely used clamping system yet to be produced. ER20 is the collect size utilised by this router. We also provide you four different collet sizes and adapters free of charge. That is without a doubt a bargain!
  • The driver motor is a Hi-Torque 1.8 degree stepper motor with a rated torque of 3.5 N-m.
  • The spindle is brushless and boasts water cooling. You have the picking of 4.5kw spindles for 2000mm x 3000mm size work tables.
  • It comes with an coherent dust collection system which extracts all the dust that is generated in the process of engraving and cutting wood.
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The CNC Wood Router from Advanced Machinery is what you would like. One of the most in demand models proposed by Advanced Machinery, it comes equipped with a vacuum table in conjunction with a sealing ring. It is easy and favourable to use and has the potential to hold any volume material with the touch of a button. In fact, if you want to build furniture or any other whole wood work, all you need to do is manually alter the tool and you are equipped to go. It is simple to use and is manufactured to give a immaculate finish to all your output.
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Or make contact with Eric 076 666 6699 if you have any questions about our item or its components.
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Advanced Machinery is making industry machines at "made in China" prices in South Africa by working with machinery manufactures and setting up assemble-lines in Joburg. At last, you still get the very cheap price of equipment made in China and great services and the after-sale support you deserve. Please open our website:
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