Project Namola in City of Tshwane (Pretoria)

Namola is used by Pretoria Tshwane Metro Police Department to give them the edge in the fight against crime.

Mobile Application

The Namola application gives you the ability to send an alert directly to your nearest Tshwane Metro Police officers. The first available officer is then directed to your location using the built-in GPS capability. Tshwane Metro using technology to fight crime.

Responder interface

Installed into the Tshwane Metro Police vehicle so that officers can receive alerts and messages directly from citizens and the control room.

Control room

Real-time tracking maps showing the location of all response vehicles and active citizen alerts. Built in messaging system gives the control room a complementary communication channel to send written descriptions or messages to all or selected officers.

Namola is the revolutionary new app that allows citizens to use their smartphones to share their GPS coordinates directly with the nearest Tshwane Metro Police vehicles. The first available officer is then directed to the citizen’s location while being monitored by the control room.

The Namola app reduces the average dispatch time for police vehicles from over 2 minutes 30 seconds down to 13sec, an 11x improvement in speed.
The goal is to provide South Africans with an easy-to-use tool to assist them in the war against crime.

Namola provides data analytics that allow for police to identify crime hotspots and deploy resources accordingly. Furthermore, Namola allows for citizens to rate police responses, and for police to rate citizen call-outs, ensuring there is a virtuous feedback loop and allowing police management to improve the quality of service delivery.
Namola is a three-way communication system that links users, officers and the TMPD control room in a way that enables faster response times and a more efficient flow of information.

When a citizen sends out an alert the nearby Tshwane Metro Police officers are able to see the exact location of the incident. The first available officer is then directed to the incident while being monitored by the control room, which has the ability to intervene if necessary.

While on route to an incident the officer is able to receive messages from the citizen and phone them if they need more information.

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