How to get rid of Fleas?

Tips for flea control

Are you invaded by small creatures at your home?  Take a look as you might be soon infected with a flea bite.  Fleas have several species like human fleas, cat fleas and dog fleas.  A flea bite often causes rashes with itching and allergic reactions to the skin. Read on to get rid of fleas – Pest Control DIY edition.

Get rid of fleas at home DIY

In order to get rid of fleas, it is necessary for you to learn how to eliminate them naturally in your home and your surrounding area.  Fleas are often brought in the home by the pets.  Fleas can be eradicated using various home implications apart from the use of pesticides and chemicals.  This involves cleaning and maintaining a clean environment in the home as well as in the surrounding areas.  Keeping a look at the places your pet visits is an important step to know the chances of fleas occurring in your home.  Wash off all your belongings like bed, carpet, couch, corners, furniture, and pet beds.

Homemade flea remedies

Hot water destroys fleas’ eggs; hence all the areas occupied by the pets should be cleaned properly and regularly.  You should get your pets to veterinarian for regular checkups, and treatments for preventing fleas enter your home.  You should bathe your pets and clean them regularly with flea control shampoos.

You can prepare a herbal mixture also and use it for refreshing your pets.  Mix two cups of rosemary leaves along with pints of water and give them a boil for about thirty minutes.  Strain the mixture and use this as a body wash on your pets.  You should not rinse it off with water but let it air dry.  However, this should be followed on summer days only.

Deodorizing cleaner named Eco Fresh does a very good job of deodorizing & cleaning your pet, providing relief from flea bites and itching.  You can mix Eco Fresh with water rinse your pet with it and towel dry.  This will not only provide relief but also be a control of fleas on pets.  But make sure to consult your vet about using any of the treatments on your pet.

Vacuum cleaning is also very essential for flea pest control.  You should vacuum clean doors, carpets, furniture, mattresses, and cushions at regular intervals.  And you must dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag after every use.

You should also cover food preparation surfaces and utensils, and place all food in covered containers or keep it in the refrigerator.

Preventing flea infestations

You need to destroy the pests’ habitat by eliminating “hot spots” around the home which are susceptible of fleas.  Keep fleas out by screening foundation vents and other access areas to keep mice, rats, squirrels and other flea-carrying wild animals out.  Resort to insecticide remedies, by applying insecticide to parts of the structure and outdoor areas, paying close attention to areas frequented by pets.  Keep a regular check on which all areas your pets are visiting and make sure to maintain them clean as much as possible.

You need to pay special attention to hygiene and take necessary measures in order to free your pets from fleas.  Flea shampoo is effective to get rid of fleas on dogs.  You can also use some natural flea controls like lavender oil, lemon grass, eucalyptus.  The pets in the house should also be regularly groomed in order to keep fleas at bay as much as possible.

Clean your yard and treat it with sprays and pesticides.

No matter how much time you spend ridding the house of fleas, they will get back in if you haven’t treated your yard and other surrounding areas.  Remember to repeat all the above steps in specific intervals as fleas have the tendency to come back after a short while.

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