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Medical Cannabis for Mental Health...

There are a number of studies that present promising evidence in using cannabis to treat Bipolar. One 2010 study conducted by researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway, examined 133 patients with Bipolar Disorder with the aim of determining the association between cannabis use and neurocognition in bipolar disorder compared with schizophrenia in a naturalistic setting.

During the study, possible interactions between diagnosis and cannabis use were investigated, and findings were controlled for possible confounders.

The result? Cannabis use by Bipolar patients was associated with better neurocognitive function, with the test subjects performing better than non-users on tests of verbal fluency and learning.

There are further studies to support the claim that cannabis use amongst the growing crowd of Bipolar sufferers does anything but cause more mental instability. A similar study, published in 2012 by researchers at the Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York, examined a cohort of 200 men and women by comparing the subjects on clinical and demographic variables, as well as on performance on neurocognitive tests.

In similar fashion to the research conducted in Oslo, subjects demonstrated significantly better performance on measures of attention, processing speed, and working memory.

Popular Bipolar treatment drugs like Lithium boast a vicious mass of unpleasantry that include heart palpitations, fainting, confusion and lack of awareness, (amongst others.) Lithium overdose can also be fatal.

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