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I start of by scheduling a session (FREE OF CHARGE) to meet and get to know each other better. We’ll discuss your needs and what I offer. If agreed to make use of my Personal Training service  we’ll fill in forms like medical history, questionnaire, goals, training history etc.
The second meeting, first paid session, I take measurements (It’s optional but recommended), you’ll also do an easy fitness test, followed by a light exercise session to evaluation what you are capable of doing . These measurements and tests will be done every 4-6 weeks to tract progress(again this is not compulsory, but recommended).
I can help you with general nutrition guidelines and desired eating habits, but not a specific eating plan. If you'd like a specific eating plan I can recommend you to a dietician.
Being physically active AND following a healthy diet (nutritious eating habits) is the only healthy way to reach your desired weight/goals and must be combined to be successful.
I bring the basic equipment to put together an effective training program. If you have equipment it's a bonus, but not necessary to go and buy something if you have nothing.

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