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We are looking for a trainee Counter Sales person. This is a starting position. You will be trained and will eventually be working on the counter, measuring and serving customers, providing specialised items for the automotive and hydraulic industry. Studying to be, or being a young qualified mechanic is highly advantageous.

You need to have Matric Certificate and a good understanding of mathematics – inches to metric conversions.

Preferably a school leaver, aged between 18-20 years of age and male.
You must be eager to learn. Fit, healthy and energetic, hardworking, reliable, consistent, good with numbers, honest, friendly, passionate and willing to work 10 hours a day. Own transport is required.

The job requires,

Counter sales.
Measuring with a Vernier.
Binning automotive and hydraulic components.
Counting out, recording and keeping stock up to date accurately and consistently.
Cutting, carrying, sorting and organising.
Mathematics, inches/metric conversions.
An interest in mechanical and hydraulic engineering.
Cleaning, organising, general maintenance.
There is a 3 month trial basis.
Initiative is imperative.

This is a beginner’s salary for a school leaver. Starting at R5000 p/m

To apply, email:

Helen St. Hermanstad, Pretoria

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