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The holiday season is upon us and Holiday accommodation scams appear to be increasing as the festive season approaches. Many of us are looking to take a well deserved break this festive season. The Pretoria Online team would like to warn our visitors to be extra careful when booking your holiday. Scammers are ripping off decent citizens for their ill gotten gain.

"Consumers are urged to exercise caution when booking holiday accommodation especially if it is done via the Internet and email," the Consumer Protector said in a statement.

Some scammers request you to deposit the funds at an ATM (cardless transaction) and to send them the reference. Before booking it is in your best interest to obtain as much information about your holiday accommodation before parting with your hard earned cash.

Photos can be very deceiving, pictures of an existing house but its not for rent, the pictures and the location advertised do not match or pictures taken years ago when it was in its hay day (if possible always try and inspect the accommodation beforehand).

There are many horror stories but many are untold. If you have been a victim it must be reported immediately. Before parting with your cas do a thorough search, find reviews online, check facebook.

A holiday accommodation for rent ad with only a cellphone number and or an email address are very suspect. The scammers usually use the free online email services like google mail and yahoo mail. A mail can be sent from anywhere  on our planet, a cellphone call too.

If you have been a victim of a timeshare / holiday accommodation scam please contact us in the form below. Provide us with a full account of what happened. Remember to include the phone numbers, e-mail addresses and e-mail documentation that you might have received. We will publish this info on our website for others to see.

Lets foil their plans before they catch someone.


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