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Interior roof lining of a car can become damaged due to wear and tear or age. The fabric can sag, giving the car an unsightly appearance. With the temperature heating up inside a car the foam backing of the lining deteriorates and un sticks from the roof lining board causing the lining to separate and fall down. The fabric may also get stained by mold, mildew or food. In some cases, the fabric may tear, rip or burn. When this occurs the roof lining will need to be replaced. We are expecting in Replacing the old Sagging or off sun burnt Roof linings - We do air bag Repairs -Car Seats -Car Carpets -Door Panels Contact: +27 79 389 5534 WhatsApp: +27 79 389 5534 Call for appointment /WhatsApp: our Flexi hours Open 7am -7pm.
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